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M8 online

  • Agency Agreement

    M8 Online Entertainment Proxy Rights And Obligations Of the Union

    1. M8 online Member entertainment Customer Service Department will register the Union and will observe their betting status. Union and the member must agree to and comply M8 online entertainment membership regulations, policies and operational programs. M8 online entertainment reserved to reject or freeze Union / Member account rights.
    2. Agent login screen at any time to observe the Union's membership status and membership in the betting site Activities. M8 online entertainment service department will calculate the commission obtained according to the proxy alliance's members.
    3. M8 online entertainment reservations can modify any regulation on the contract documents, including: the scope of the existing commission powers commission plans, payment program, and reference Schemes Ordinance M8 online entertainment will be notified by e-mail proxy, and other methods Notice Union. Acting Alliance for modifications made objections, forwarders Union may terminate the contract, the customer service staff to reflect the views of 或洽. As amended proxy Union without any objection, the contract will be deemed to modify the default proxy union must comply with the relevant provisions of the change.

    Acting Union M8 powers And Obligations Of Online Entertainment

    • Acting Alliance should do its utmost to widely publicize, sales and marketing of online entertainment enables the agent itself M8 M8 line to maximize profits and entertainment. Agents Alliance can not contrary to the law, a positive image promotion, sales and marketing of M8 online entertainment, and have responsibilities and obligations to inform its members of all relevant preferential conditions and M8 product line entertainment.
    • Agent Alliance selected online entertainment promotional tactics M8 For payment, the agent shall bear the costs.
    • Any M8 online entertainment-related information include: signs, reports, the game screen, design, copywriting, Acting Alliance are forbidden to copy, disclose, distribute relevant materials, M8 online entertainment to retain legal recourse. As the agent doing business promotion related needs, please feel free to contact M8 online entertainment.
    • Regulatory Provisions

      1. The Union can not set up at all levels of agents double / multiple proxy account without the M8 online entertainment license conditions, and do not earn commissions from online entertainment M8 account or stakeholders. Please keep in mind that any class agent proxy account can not be used to bet, M8 and online entertainment is entitled to terminate the account and sealed all in the game to earn a commission.
      2. To ensure that all members of the account online entertainment M8 privacy and interests, M8 online entertainment does not provide any member password, or member personal information. Acting at all levels of the Union nor in any way to obtain membership information, or any sign in the lower member account, such as the Discovery Agent Alliance members have violated the privacy practices of online entertainment M8, M8 online entertainment right to cancel the proxy alliance bonus, and cancel the account proxy Union .
      3. Acting Alliance's members can not open more than one account. M8 online entertainment right to require members to provide evidence to verify the member's identity, and retain the right to determine whether to repeat the member IP valid identity. Breach of the above matters, M8 online entertainment right to terminate the player to the game and sealed the account and all commissions earned in the game.
      4. Acting Union can not for themselves or members of other unions under the effective betting, can only be effective member companies directly under the under bet, agents need to have 5 per month off the assembly line as valid bets (effectively betting on-line at least three times a week for normal Betting), if violated the coalition agreement M8 online entertainment and archive accounts and the right to terminate all commission earned in the game.
      5. Agents Alliance's members have been banned for violating the regulations M8 enjoy online entertainment games, online entertainment or M8 to return deposits to members, M8 online entertainment will not assign the corresponding commission to the broker alliances. As Acting Alliance's membership deposit with a credit card, banking information is subject to audit, M8 online entertainment related commission retained until completion of the audit.
      6. The contract conditions will be within the online entertainment M8 notice after receiving agent to join the Union begin. M8 online entertainment and forwarders Union may terminate this Agreement at any time, in any case, if you want to terminate the contract forwarders Union, must within seven days advance notice in writing online entertainment M8 / email. Performance proxy Union will review three months time, such as a proxy Union is not a member of the existing cooperation of the agreements can be terminated at any time. Partners such as breach of contract regulations, M8 online entertainment right to immediately terminate the contract.
      7. In the absence of M8 online entertainment license, the agent can not disclose Union and authorized M8 online entertainment relevant information, including feedback obtained Agents Alliance, commission reports, calculation; Acting Alliance obligation to continue to enforce the confidential file after the termination of the contract and confidential information.
      8. After termination of the contract, the agent and the M8 Alliance of online entertainment will not need to perform the rights and obligations of both parties. Terminate the contract and will not lift the agency alliance obligations prior to termination of contract should fulfill.