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3 Craps Variations to Know more to play at scr888 online casino

  • Some players might view that slot game online casino is the easiest and simple one to play at online scr888 casino website. While one of the most popular online casino games at scr888 online casino website is also included Craps Game which has been tailored with various level of variations.

    By the way, every craps game would basically have some differences in gambling probabilities as well as their game play’s rules. If any players would like to beat this Crap Game online casino, they would firstly need to get understanding of how each individual crap is variance? Here below are some relevant guides especially for the Craps players.

    1. Crapless Craps Online Scr 888 Casino Game

    Some players might get used to call this Crapless Craps as Bastard Craps which is quite easy than a common craps game online casino. By which the game has designed totally the same while only wagers are differed in this craps variant.

    For instance, if the players have played the common craps game, it would normally start after the shooter have rolled the two dices and once the shooters could hit a 7, then they would win the game. On the other hand, if the player has thrown at 2, 3, 11 and 12, the player would need to roll again in order to get the point of 7 and win the gameplay.

    Based on this simplicity gameplay of crapless craps as mentioned earlier, some players have misunderstood that it would be somehow lower the winning chances than common craps. Actually, it should rather describe that the variant at house edge would be around 5.38% or 4 times lesser wining probabilities than what has been existed in the common craps gameplay.

    2. High Point Craps Online Scr888 Casino Game

    The exotic variant craps which is much favor by many players all over the world is this High Point Craps online casino game. By which the player could ignore the rolls of 2 or 3 as before and the value would be somehow differed from the previous common one.

    Under this High Point Craps Gameplay, the winning points would be set for the roll out of number 11 and 12 to win. If the shooter has rolled a sum number in other than these two indicated numbers stated earlier, the respective numbers would be counted as the point. If the player would like to win this craps game, the shooter would need to roll and obtain a higher sum number greater than the previous specified points.

    Therefore, the house edge in this High Point Craps game online casino would be at the approximately of 2.35%.

    3. Simplified Craps Variation Online Scr 888 Casino Game

    The game has been much simplified than the crapless craps as the player could win the game if the shooter can hit either number of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 or 12. On the other hand, the player would loss only if the shooter has rolled in the numbers of 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. On top of that the house edge chance is only 2.8%. Nevertheless, the payout is still not much attractive.